Custom Knife by: Ron Lake ~ Engraved by: Barry Lee Hands
Photographs by: Jim Cooper

~ SOLD ~
Click to make larger imageCustom Folding-Inter-Frame, Tail Lock, ATS-34 Stainless Steel, Mother Of Pearl Knife made by Ron Lake
Custom Knife by Ron Lake
Custom Knife by Ron Lake
Custom Knife by Ron Lake
Custom Knife by Ron Lake
Blade Length: 2 78 inchesClosed Length: 3 38 inchesOverall Length: 6 14 inches
Blade Steel: ATS-34 Stainless SteelHandle Material: Mother Of Pearl
Frame Material: 416 Stainless SteelLocking Mechanism: Tail Lock
One of the most incredible collaborations we have ever seen!!A beautiful custom knife Folder by Ron Lake, arguably the most famous and best Folder maker in the World. This beautiful Tail Lock model has Gold screws and bale and amazing Mother Of Pearl handles. Barry Lee Hands then totally engraves it with the following description of information provided by Barry Lee Hands: This stunning piece features the latest style from Barry Lee Hands - all new for 2014: The Nouveau leaf pattern A cheerful, and flamboyant exercise of over the top ornament executed in three colors of gold- 24 k yellow, 18k green and 22k pink, and set with Sixty-two brilliant white VS, F+ diamonds. The diamond studded multi colored fully sculpted 18K and 24k leaves are supported by a luxurious field of fully sculpted and shaded 416 stainless backgrounds, which are also set with diamonds peeking out from the ornament. The Nouveau leaf design emanates from the rear bolster, running onto the presentation grade silverlip pearl interframe inlays, in Barry’s original “gilded pearl” technique, contained at each end by flush 24k borders. This design continues majestically forward into the front bolsters, culminating in a spray of multicolored gold and diamonds. Surrounding this microcosmic universe of ornament are wide and generous borders of 24k gold, which run the full circumference of the frame. The gold bail is set with 11 diamonds. The tail lock tab is set with with 8 diamonds, and bordered with raised 24k gold. These listed features alone would launch the piece into the upper echelons of Art knives, yet there is more to come. With his never-ending attention to detail, Barry has decorated the blade with his “burnished blade” technique, a process created by Barry inspired from the mezzotint. And the spine of the knife is decorated in three color “burnished gold” another of Barry’s original techniques.. To cap it off, the belly and spine are contained with fine 24k rope borders, and the “two Hands” logo, the most delicate yet, is present on the gold bail.
Status: Sold
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Photographer's Website (Jim Cooper)Engraver's Website (Barry Lee Hands)